Investing in Agarwood

This blog is meant to educate investors on agarwood investments. Our firm GreenWorld has a unique investment in Agarwood available for retail investors. For more information on this the agarwood investing email or call us on +44-20-3286-2975.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Should You Consider Agarwood As An Investment?

Agarwood - a unique investment for retail investors
Many retail investors are looking for options in today's uncertain global economy that will provide them some kind of diversification from financial assets such as stock and bonds.  For those retail investors in this situation, an agarwood investment could be an ideal option.  Why invest in agarwood?  There are a number of reasons:

1)  Agarwood investments offer high returns in a relatively short time frame.  Over the course of only seven years, GreenWorld is targeting annual returns of approximately 20% per year.  Compounded over seven years, that is a total return of almost 200%.  Agarwood is the "Holy Grail" of any investment - high returns over a relatively short time frame!

2)  GreenWorld is confident in achieving these returns because the demand for agarwood is so high.  GreenWorld always tries to target investment opportunities that are part of a growing global market, and agarwood as an investment fit this profile spot-on.

3)  If you are looking for an investment that diversification from stocks but still offers a high return on principal, investing in forestry - especially in a tropical hardwood like agarwood - is a great option.  Agarwood’s lack of correlation with traditional financial investments makes it resilient to the fluctuations of other asset classes.

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