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Monday, April 16, 2012

Investment in Agarwood Great Play on Growth of Emerging Market Consumers Due to Use of Agarwood in Luxury Perfumes

Agarwood - An excellent High Yield Investment
As we had mentioned in a previous post, oud oil from agarwood has frequently been used as an ingredient in high-end perfumes.  In the West, oud has been used by many perfumery houses over the past 25 years and has currently enjoyed a surge in popularity as western brands seek to expand into emerging Asian markets. Big name brands to use oud in their fragrances include, Calvin Klein Obsession (1987), Nina Ricci (1995), Yves Saint Laurent (2002), Tom Ford Oud Wood (2007), Juicy Couture (2008), Dior Fahrenheit Absolute ( 2009), and many more.  

The nice thing is, this makes agarwood investments a great play on consumer growth in emerging market countries. If you are interested in our agarwood investment, please feel free to contact us at


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