Investing in Agarwood

This blog is meant to educate investors on agarwood investments. Our firm GreenWorld has a unique investment in Agarwood available for retail investors. For more information on this the agarwood investing email or call us on +44-20-3286-2975.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What happens to the Agar once it is processed from the tree?  Once the Agar is processed from the tree, it produces one of the most unique scents in the world a scent and is a staple for luxury perfumes, soaps, incense, spiritual and religious ceremonies and more.  Agar wood continues to grow more and more popular, and GreenWorld's unique Agarwood investment allows you to access a rapidly growing market.  Agarwood Investments are in many ways a direct play on growing wealth in emerging markets countries.

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